Safety upgrades begin at bridge, trail intersection

One of the most confusing traffic spots in the D.C. area is getting a safety overhaul.

And it's promising news for those who travel along the Potomac River by foot or bike.

Starting tomorrow, crews will begin a safety overhaul around the Memorial Bridge and Mount Vernon Trail, areas where runners, cyclists and walkers mix dangerously close with speeding cars.

Rumble strips are going down, a crosswalk is being moved and lots of new signage is going up.

Pedestrians applaud these changes, but question if will they be enough.

They say that finding an opening to cross the Memorial Circle on foot is like manuvering through an obstacle course.

Despite the 15-mile-per-hour speed sign, drivers zoom through the crosswalks, leaving runners worrying they'll be run over.

Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) is teaming up with the National Park Service and United States Park Police to step up safety.

There have been six pedestrian-motorist accidents there in the past 18 months--and countless near-misses.

Six of the most dangerous crosswalks and three trails are now slated for improvements.

"These improvements include replacing many of the directional and regulatory signs in the circle and on the memorial bridge with signs that have concise text and directions that are easily understood," says Jon James, acting superintendent of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

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