Royal wedding puts local group in spotlight

Prince William and Kate Middleton have selected Peace Players International as one of the organizations they’d like people to donate to, as gifts for their wedding.

The D.C.-based brothers Brendan and Sean Tuohey, graduates of Gonzaga High School, started the company in 2001.

The organization works with children in areas of conflict, like Northern Ireland and the West Bank. They use basketball bring them together.

“My brother came back from Northern Ireland after spending a year there to use sport to bridge divides,” said Brendan Tuohey.

Last week, the organization’s managing director in Ireland got a call to attend a special meeting.

“And there were Prince William and Miss Middleton and we were the only charity invited to the reception,” Brendan Tuohey said.

The Prince came over and said he personally picked the organization to be part of his wedding. He was excited to use the opportunity to help the organization grow.

Tuohey said he doesn’t know how the royal couple learned about the organization. But he’s grateful they did.

And he said he admires Prince William and Kate Middleton for using the wedding to help so many people.

“I think it's such a great opportunity to leverage all the attention that will be on them on this big day to do something that can have a massive impact,” Brendan Tuohey said.

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