Robert Wood Jr.: Va. boy found after week in woods still in hospital

(AP, ABC7) - The 8-year-old autistic boy who was found after being missing for a week remains hospitalized after doctors discovered a hole in his esophagus.

"They are doing everything they can. He's got a lot of bug bites and he's got a lot of bruises. Skinned up his head a little bit,” said the boy’s grandmother, Norma Jean Williams.

Williams told the Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg in a story published Tuesday that she believes the tear stems from something the boy tried to eat while he was alone in the woods.

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"All I can say is thank God because I don't think Robert Would have lasted one more day,” she told ABC7 News.

Wood remains at VCU Medical Center in stable condition.

“Robert is doing well! He is feeling better. He is happy. He even has spoken a few words which is very rare! I hope to get him home soon,” the boy’s father Robert Wood Senior said in a statement Tuesday.

Wood wandered off from his father and others Oct. 23 while on a walk at North Anna Battlefield Park in Hanover County. He was found Friday at a nearby rock quarry by one of thousands of volunteers who had helped search for the boy.

The volunteer who found Wood told police he wishes to remain anonymous. In his statement, Robbie Wood Sr. said “I feel that I gained thousands of family members last week” as volunteers searched tirelessly for the missing child.

Some have criticized the boy’s father for taking his two sons into the rural central Virginia woods. Robbie Wood Sr. said he frequently took them to the North Anna battlefield park in Hanover County.

“I take them to North Anna Battlefield park all the time. It is a beautiful place that keeps the boys active, and it is not very crowded which takes away a lot of distractions so that I can watch them better. There are many other parks we go to as well. I have never been told not to take them to that park or any other,” Wood wrote.

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