Park(ing) Day 2012: Transforming spaces into works of art

    Alice Shih of Artisphere collects clothes for the homeless on Park(ing) Day 2012. (Photo: Bailey Michael/WJLA)

    If you see a group of people "parked" on a piece of sod or a parking spot completely transformed into a work of art, don't adjust those glasses. Friday is{}Park(ing) Day 2012 , a worldwide event that gives people the chance to transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks at no charge.

    On the corner of Wilson Boulevard and Lynn Street in Arlington, Artisphere is teaming up with A-Span to help the homeless. A giant "shopping cart" constructed by artist J.P. Flick is collecting clothing donations.

    Park(ing) Day only happens once a year and it's an opportunity for people to be creative in what they think a parking spot could be used for. Some spots in the past have been used for dinner parties, a chicken coop and a kiddie pool. Rumour has it someone even said "I do" in a spot on Park(ing) Day.

    Alice Shih with Artisphere says Park(ing) Day motivates people to think how we have used and deserted the land that surrounds us.

    "We're thinking what a parking space could be besides a parking space," says Shih.{}

    Artisphere's spot consists of 300 sq. feet of sod, a metal table and chairs and the oversized cart.

    "I used to live in Manhattan and this is about the size of my apartment!" joked Shih.



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