New York man, 88, thanks woman who saved his life after fall

88-year-old Lou Maccarone of Spencerport thanks home health aide Kayleigh Storms for saving his life. (WHAM)

An 88-year-old Spencerport man hasn't let age slow him down, but it did knock him over this week. Now he's saying thank you to the woman who saved his life.

Lou Maccarone will tell you he's pretty sharp for his age.

"I can spell the alphabet backwards. At 88-years-old, that's pretty tough,” said Maccarone.

He's also pretty active. Tuesday morning, he went outside to shovel snow.

"I kept going. I don't know how to stop when I'm working. I shovel and shovel,” said Maccarone.

At the bottom of the steps to his driveway, Maccarone lost his balance.

"I really didn't blackout or nothing. It was just ‘Oh my God. Bada-boom’ and I went back!" he said.

He tried crawling up the steps.

"I struggled to get up the steps. It was tough, it was really tough. Then I got to the landing and I couldn't go anymore,” said Maccarone.

That's where he laid for more than an hour. It was snowing, windy and temperatures were in the teens. Maccarone said a prayer.

"Lord if this is my time, do me a favor and give me a heart attack and kill me right now. If it's not my time yet, give me an angel,” he said.

His angel arrived in the form of Kayleigh Storms.

"Next thing I know I hear ‘Mr. Mac, Mr. Mac are you alright?’" he said.

The home health aide with Rochester Regional Health was arriving to care for his 83-year-old wife who is home-bound. Storms spotted Maccarone right away.

"I didn't even turn my car off. I jumped out of my car and I went over to him and he was conscious and alert and he was talking to me,” said Storms. "He was covered in snow. He had snow all over his jacket, all over his pants, his gloves were soaking wet."

Storms called 9-1-1 and covered him with blankets. Emergency crews arrived and got him back inside. Once warm, he made it clear he was ok.

"My blood pressure is good. I'm a healthy man, I'm old, but I'm healthy you know,” he said laughing.

Healthy - and thankful for Kayleigh Storms.

"My Guardian Angel. She saved my life, she saved my life,” said Maccarone.

Maccarone says he would still like to clear his own walkway, but his son took away his shovel this week.

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