New year's resolutions 2014: Many people hit the gym as new year rings in

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - If you couldn't tell that New Year's Day had arrived, just check the treadmills at your nearest gym.

The turn of the calendar means a new batch of new year's resolutions, as millions of people nationwide dedicate themselves - at least for now - to making changes for the better.

A quick glance a the Vida Fitness in Northwest Washington on Wednesday brought a packed Zumba dance class and not a stair climber to spare.

But why are people inclined to push themselves to sweat as a resolution? It's simple - they want to look and feel better.

A new survey by gym chain Lifetime Fitness found that 86 percent of Americans are into getting in shape to look good, while 11 percent say that they do it to make sure they're there for their family.

An even smaller percentage say that dollars re the motivation and the chance to lower their insurance costs.

Yet another survey indicates that people would readily give up some material items in exchange for dropping the pounds.

That survey says that 59 percent would give up social media, 22 percent would ditch makeup and 6 percent would say goodbye to their cell phones in exchange for a few extra pounds.

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