Harris' Heroes: Playwriting teens

A group of District teens are finding a new way to discuss teen issues like bullying and texting.

The teens are taking part in a program that turns them into playwrights for a semester, where they can address the tough subjects while learning about playwriting and production.

The students put out a play, “Out of the Shadow,” that tackles the issue of bullying. It was an issue the students chose because it’s a topic many students are afraid to discuss.

“The basic point of that skit was that we need to bring awareness,” said Edwin Martinez, one of the young playwrights.

Bullying is something that many students relate too, including Amber Walton, 17, who says she was teased as a kid for being biracial.

“They would call me names, tell me I'm adopted all the time,” said Amber, another young playwright.

Artistic director David Snider says the program is designed to impress upon students the value of expressing themselves and working to create something.

“To hear from students about what they have to say about what's going on in their world today,” Snider said. “It's amazing the kind of insight you can get from student's voices.”

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