Fredericksburg company forgoes holiday party for charity

A Fredericksburg realty company decided not to spend thousands of dollars on a Christmas party this year and instead used the money to buy items for charity.

MacDoc Realty in Fredericksburg found ten needy families and handed their employees envelopes of cash and said, go buy, go big.

"Who wants to sit around all day celebrating ourselves when we can go help people and get meaning out of it," said an employee.

Sixty real estate agents fanned out into teams and hit the malls.

"Our main goal is just to take some pressure off these families who have had a tough year," said realty agent Ron Chronister.

Among the items purchased were: an xBox game console, video games, sheets, electric skillet, a handicap accessible van, a remodeled bathroom for a family with a sick child and more.

At HH Gregg, the manager even cut a team a big discount on a flat screen TV after he learned what they were doing.

In all, the company dropped $35,000--way more than an office party.

Realty agent Linda Bruno said she hopes other companies will follow suit.


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