Dale City worst commute in the country, study says

Next door communities Dale City and Woodbridge in eastern Prince William County hold the dubious distinction of having the worst commute in America, according to a study.

"[I have to] leave two-three hours early just to get to work on time," said Dale City resident Jerry Gaskins.

The study compared similar-sized communities and measured the time it took one-way to work out of 3,000 cities. Dale City residents clocked the longest trek at more than 45 minutes.

Robin Smith was not surprised to learn of her hometown's ranking.

"There [are] just too many people and there's not enough roads," Smith said. "They can't expand. I don't know where they're going to put them."

Smith's son Zachary was visiting from outside Oklahoma City, where the town of Altus happened to have the shortest commute, despite having the same number of people.

"I come back here and it's ridiculous everywhere," Zachary said. "I gotta leave 30 minutes early to get anywhere [I] want."

The long commute is not just limited to the interstate. The commuter lots are packed as well. So is the rail system.

"I really don't see a solution at all," Gaskins said. "You can try to make the highways wider, but there's still going to be traffic."

The raw data that contributed to the study came from the five-year version of the U.S. Census Bureau's 2009 American Community Survey. Click here to view it.

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