Texas news anchor helps elderly woman find help to escape dangerous Harvey flood

KFDM anchor Jasmine Styles helps an elderly woman find help during dangerous flooding overnight live on the air in Beaumont, Texas. Dorothy Henley was dealing with more than six inches of water in her home at the time, and wasn't sure if she needed to flee to safety Wednesday, August 30, 2017. (KFDM)

BEAUMONT, Texas - As Hurricane Harvey turned into a tropical storm, the dangers were far from over for residents in Houston, and neighboring Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas.

The reality of what some would face became all too real, as water poured into homes, threatening the lives of those who lived in Harvey's path.

During an overnight broadcast on KDFM, owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, anchor Jasmine Styles helped one of those people find a way to safety.

81-year-old Dorothy Henley of Port Arthur called to speak with Styles and chief meteorologist Greg Bostwick.

"I don't want to leave," Henley explained.

"I want you to breathe, I want you to calm down, I know it's hard," Styles advised.

"You are not alone in this."

Henley described her home at the time was sitting in six inches of water, with more than five more expected to drop within the hour.

At the time, 911 was tied up responding to calls of high water and fires in the area and had to slow down water rescues momentarily due to lightning.

"Keep dialing 911 no matter what happens," Styles advised, noting it may take time to get through.

"If I'm not ready to go," Henley began.

"I know that it's scary, and I know you want to hold on to your home, I understand," Styles responded, explaining how her own grandmother would be terrified to leave the home under similar circumstances.

But those belongings can be replaced. Miss Dorothy, we can't replace you. So I want you to get out of that house, because now is better than if you've got a foot of water raging into your house, because then you're going to be in more of a panic.

"If you can't get through to 911, I want you to continuously dial until you get 911," Stanley said.

"We can't replace you."

"Thank you so much for the information," Henley replied.

"I know what to expect now."

Friends and family of Henley confirm she and her boyfriend were able to make it out of their home safely when a rescue boat responded to her calls for help.

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