Allstate says D.C. drivers are the worst

Driving through the District is a risky endeavor. According to Allstate, the second most popular auto insurance company in the nation, an accident is more likely to involve a D.C. driver.

"On average, we see a driver have a crash every 10 years, and in D.C. that's once every 4.7 years," says Adam Polak of Allstate.

Looking at the zip codes of drivers involved in crashes nationwide, Washingtonians have the shortest time span between car crashes.

Many D.C. drivers admit they're not the best.

"I don't know if we're the worst drivers, but I do know that we can be very impatient drivers," says Quentin Henderson of D.C.

"They make their own rules sometimes," says Chris Hyun of D.C.

Some blame the stress that comes with careers and politics in the nation's capital. Others blame the confusing roadways in D.C., with so many one-way streets and roundabouts.

"If I have the choice, I take the Metro or the bus because of that reason," says Jayson Sgoinski. "Too many people in too small a space, it's bound to happen."

Some Washingtonians - especially cab drivers - deny the findings of Allstate's report.

They say, if D.C. drivers are getting into more accidents, it's only because of out of state drivers and tourists who travel here.

The report says the cities with the best drivers are Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Boise, Idaho, and Fort Collins, Colorado, where drivers go about 13 years between collisions.

And if you're wondering how this might affect your car insurance rate, Allstate says your zip code does factor in.

But company officials say there are many factors at play, including your vehicle year, make, and model, your personal driving history, where you park, and how far you commute.

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