Marijuana legalization in Virginia? Gov. McAuliffe won't push for it despite potential revenue windfall

A woman smokes a marijuana cigarette. (AP file photo)

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) – Frank from Manassas had a question.

Actually, it was more like a plea.

Would Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who appeared Wednesday on the WTOP radio show “Ask the Governor,” push for the legalization of marijuana and “help your people?”

Frank hung up and listened to the answer.

“Well,” McAuliffe said to the two hosts, “Frank needs to talk to his state senator or delegate,” adding that No. 1, such a thing would have to passed by the General Assembly and, No. 2, he sees that being far, far down its list of priorities and that it probably isn’t even on the radar.

In other words, ain’t gonna happen.

And McAuliffe’s personal thoughts on the issue?

“Llisten, I’ve supported the issue of medical marijuana,” he said. “. . .It’s something I would look at. . .I am willing to talk about any issue.”

But what about totally legal weed?

“I’m not there yet,” he said.

But what about potential financial benefits for the state?

After all, your primary campaign theme was all about energizing Virginia’s economy.

And Colorado and Washington, the only two states to have legalized pot, have experienced a veritable tax-revenue windfall that’s padding the coffers.

“I think,” McAuliffe said, “there’s bigger issues than the money that could be generated.”

So there you go.

Sorry, Frank.

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