Government shutdown 2013: DMV, hipsters viewered more favorably than Congress

(WJLA) - Congratulations, Congress - you're now less popular than dog poop.

While the United States government slogs through the second week of the current federal shutdown, Public Policy Polling, a national survey agency, asked more than 500 registered voters if they liked various items more than they liked Congress.

The results, which were released Tuesday, were simple - those surveyed like a lot of things widely considered unpleasant much more than they like Congress.

In total, just 8 percent of those surveyed said they approved of the job Congress was doing, while 86 percent disapproved.

Take the aforementioned dog waste, for example. The poll indicated that that 47 percent of those surveyed have a higher opinion of a dog's fecal matter than they do for Congress, which clocked in at 40 percent.

Voters also liked cockroaches (44 percent to 42), jury duty (73 to 18), their mother-in-law (64 to 20) and the DMV (58 to 24) more than they approved of Congress.

Don't fret, though, if you're a lawmaker. America still views you more favorably than heroin, Syria, Lindsay Lohan, Honey Boo Boo, Miley Cyrus and twerking.

Check out the full results of this poll at

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