Ed Gillespie: 'I'm a believer and a defender of our second amendment rights'

Ed Gillespie: 'I'm a believer and a defender of our second amendment rights' (ABC7)

On Monday, supporters packed Ed Gillespie’s campaign headquarters.

With less than 24 hours before they head to the polls, many remained optimistic.

“I was walking (up to) doors up until last night,” said supporter Dana Smith.

“I want to see a better administration than the McAuliffe administration,” said supporter Mark Hile.

The rally came about an hour after President Donald Trump once again endorsed the Republican nominee for governor.

“Obviously the ability of a Governor of Virginia to work with the President of the United States is important to the people of Virginia,” said Gillespie.

He says the last few days have been busy on the campaign trail, but since Sunday he has slowed down to take a moment to pray for the 26 people who were shot and killed in a church in Texas.

“The President has spoken about it, saying he doesn’t believe it’s a gun issue. What are your thoughts?” asked ABC7’s Anna-Lysa Gayle.

“The news out of Texas is heartbreaking and stomach-turning and it’s an act of evil and the victims and their families are in my prayers as well as millions of other Virginians. There’s more details that seems to be emerging all the time and I don’t know what the Texas policies are, but I do know this is a heartbreaking example of evil in our world and obviously, the second amendment is an issue in campaigns. I’m a believer and a defender of our second amendment rights and will remain so as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Gillespie.

Gillespie seemed confident that Virginians will choose him on Tuesday.

“I truly feel that the momentum is entirely our way,” said Gillespie.

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