Police: Woman threatens man with her parrot

Mary Peck is facing burglary and battery charges. Police say she threatened her neighbor with her parrot. Image Courtesy: PBSO.

A woman from Boca Raton is facing burglary and battery charges for threatening a neighbor with her parrot, police say.

A man told police his neighbor, Mary Grace Peck, was screaming obscenities at him while they were in an elevator. He said she then followed him to his apartment and tried to kick her way in.

The neighbor told police he recorded video of her outrage and multiple attempts to get into his apartment.

A police officer who watched the video said Peck was telling her Macaw parrot to get him.

The man told police he hit Peck's lip "with his arm only to prevent her from attacking him further."

Peck told police she went to the man's apartment to use his bathroom.

Peck is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail on a $15,000 bond.

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