Woman producing more than a gallon of breast milk a day helping hundreds of new moms

Freezer full of breast milk to be donated (KATU photo).

BEAVERTON, Ore. (KATU) - A local mom is helping hundreds of mothers feed their babies by donating gallons of breastmilk to a milk bank.

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra, a mother of two, calls her efforts a labor of love.

"Breastmilk is liquid gold, it should never be thrown away," Anderson-Sierra said.

"I produce over 200 ounces a day, right at about 225 ounces. Normally a mother produces 20-30 ounces a day to meet her child's needs."

That’s enough to feed her 6-month-old Sophia, and several other babies.

She is known as a super producer.

Anderson-Sierra has Hyper Lactation Syndrome and produces more than a gallon and a half of breast milk per day.

She has two full-size freezers all stocked up. Her supply goes to a milk bank that then distributes nationwide.

Hospitals also use the milk bank to help their tiniest patients – premature babies that sometimes weigh as little as a pound.

"They rigerously test the milk for drugs, bacteria, anything. And if your milk fails, they can't use it," she said.

She gets reimbursed a dollar an ounce, but most of that money goes right back in to donating... buying the bags, maintaining the pumps, sanitation kits, and freezers to store the milk.

Not to mention the food and water to fuel her body. She spends hours a day pumping.

“Being able to help so many babies every single day is just a beautiful thing," she said. "There are over-producers out there, that are willing to share, and willing to help."

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