Watch: This is the wrong way to get rid of a beehive

(KOCO - TV via CNN Newsource)

Calling a beekeeper to humanely relocate a pesky beehive was a good plan. Standing under the branch where the bees made their home while he did it was not.

There are conflicting assertions as to how many bee stings it takes to kill a person. But for the Oklahoma City woman seen in the video standing under the hive as thousands of bees collapsed and dispersed into a cloud of angry buzzing -- that number wasn't a concern.

Miraculously, the April Collins wasn't stung by the swarm. Ron the beekeeper suffered three nips while moving the hive from the tree to his car for safe transport.

"We have got to save these bees," Collins said.

Just don't try this type of removal at home, Collins and Ron agreed.

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