Rudolph the red-nosed burglar? Thief dons reindeer costume during break-in

    Police in Fort Collins, Colo. ask the public for help identifying Rudolph the red-nosed burglar. (Image: Fort Collins Police Services / Facebook)<p>{/p}

    One reindeer apparently didn't make the cut for Christmas duties and instead turned to robbing businesses.

    Police in Fort Collins, Colorado are looking for a burglar caught on camera while dressed up in a Rudolph costume.

    The woman broke into a local business and stole numerous items while wearing the giant cartoon reindeer head. At one point though, she took off the costume briefly, revealing her face.

    Authorities released the video hoping someone might recognize her or be able to give them some clues. Of course, the internet is having a bit of their own fun with what police are calling "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Criminal."

    Fort Collins police appealed to the public to help them solve this crime by rewriting the lyrics to the Christmas classic in a Facebook post. In this version, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer "had a very shady scheme."

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