Rachel Dolezal says she identifies as 'trans-black'

    (PIX11 via CNN Newsource)

    Rachel Dolezal's life changed two years ago when she couldn't answer a straight forward question -- "are you African American?"

    At the time, Dolezal was working as the President of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP after spending career working in the field of civil rights and equality.

    "I don't understand the question," she said at the time.

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    Her career was ruined and her personal life was raked over the coals online after it information came to light that she was born to white parents.

    In 2017, Dolezal is attempting to set the record straight in her new book, "In Full Color" by explaining that that the question of race isn't as straight forward as some might think.

    “I didn’t have the opportunity to tell my whole story in a soundbite," Dolezal said.

    In the book she describes herself as "trans-black," and says when given the option on official forms would check "black" if asked to only identify herself by one race.

    “I’m not ashamed to be who I am," Dolezal told PIX11 - TV. “Trans-black then acknowledges that you were born white, right? And that was everybody’s problem with the situation – it was that I was a surprise, that I had been born to white parents. And people felt like I hadn’t acknowledged that.”

    Dolezal said she has been unable to find steady work in the nearly two years since her background became public in media reports, and she is uncertain about her future.

    "I was presented as a con and a fraud and a liar," Dolezal told The Associated Press this week. "I think some of the treatment was pretty cruel."

    She said she has been offered a number of reality television appearances but has turned them down.

    “I hope that even if people don’t understand or agree with my identity that we can agree to disagree because it is just my person life and maybe we can rally around ideals of social justice, freedom and equity and that’s really the work that I want to get back to doing," she said.


    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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