Missouri kindergartner scoops up ice cream outing with governor, mayor

    Taylor Duncan, of Waynesville, had ice cream Tuesday with Missouri Governor Mike Parson. (KRCG 13) /Photo: KRCG<p>{/p}

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KRCG) — A home-schooled kindergartner from Waynesville, Missouri, has turned eating ice cream into a civics project.

    Five-year-old Taylor Duncan and her family have traveled the state to learn about the cities on the Missouri map. But it’s not just a road tour. Taylor has connected with city mayors in dozens of communities to talk about history and government - and ice cream.

    Taylor has visited cities large and small, and shared a cup or a cone with more than 100 mayors (70 of them at one convention in Branson).

    In Jefferson City, she not only dished it to the mayor, but to Governor Mike Parson as well.

    Taylor’s father said she is learning a lot, including the fact that a lot more men serve as mayors than women.

    Mike Duncan said Taylor’s goal is inspire other kids to dream big.

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