Man gets his dying wish: To be buried with 2 cheesesteaks

Photo: Wikimedia / GNU via MGN Online

A Pennsylvania man who always joked that he wanted to take something to eat when he died has gotten his wish.

Richard Lussi’s family buried him with two cheesesteaks from Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia — topped with Cheez Whiz but no onions.

His grandson, Dominic, tells The Philadelphia Inquirer when the family asked what he wanted, his grandfather replied: “What do you think? Pat’s cheesesteak! Pat’s Whiz without onions because they’ll come back to haunt me.”

The Plains Township resident would often challenge family members to drive two and a half hours to Philadelphia and back to get the sandwiches.

The 76-year-old father of four died of heart complications on Oct. 10.

His son, grandson and two friends drove to Philadelphia the day before his funeral and picked up two cheesesteaks for the coffin.

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