Man arrested for rubbing produce on butt at supermarket, says it was a 'YouTube prank'

(MGN via U.S. Department of Agriculture // Manassas City Police Department)

A man accused of rubbing produce on his buttocks at a grocery store in Northern Virginia was arrested Saturday.

The Manassas City Police Department said the suspect pulled his pants down, grabbed a nearby item and rubbed his buttocks with the produce at the Giant grocery store at 10100 Dumfries Road. A loss prevention employee relayed what they had seen to authorities and subsequently destroyed multiple pallets of produce.

Michael Dwayne Johnson, 27, of Manassas, told WJLA's Tim Barber in an exclusive interview that he never actually rubbed any produce on his bottom. He also says he never pulled down his pants. Johnson claims it was just a practical joke for a YouTube video.

Joke, or no joke, store employees felt forced to destroy several pallets of fruits and vegetables, so Johnson is charged with destruction of property and indecent exposure.

Johnson is hopeful prosecutors will realize the case is just a big misunderstanding. His next court appearance is in November.

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