Harvey the Hurricane Hawk seeks refuge in Houston man's taxi

A Cooper's hawk sought refuge in a Houston-area man's taxi as Hurrican Harvey barreled down on the Texas coast on Friday August 25, 2017. Harvey the Hawk was handed over to a Texas wildlife center on August 26. (Image credit: William Bruso / Youtube)

A Houston-area taxi driver picked up a strange passenger on Friday night as Hurricane Harvey was barreling down on the Texas coast, a Cooper's hawk seeking shelter from the hurricane.

Many people in Texas relied on the kindness of others to evacuate and stay safe during the Category 4 hurricane. The same can be said for Harvey the Hurricane Hawk.

"He just kind of hopped on in and doesn't want to leave," taxi driver William Bruso said in the first of a series of YouTube videos featuring Harvey the Hawk. "He looks kind of scared."

Bruso drove the hawk back to his home giving him plenty of opportunities to fly away, but Harvey had settled on a place to ride out the storm.

Harvey spent the night with Bruso watching the news, eating snacks, relaxed and hunkered down for the storm.

On Saturday morning, Bruso reached out to the Texas Wildlife Rescue Center (TWRC) who took Harvey to rehabilitate.

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