Florida woman's butterfly garden may be breaking neighborhood rules

Florida woman's butterfly garden may be breaking neighborhood rules (Photo: WEAR)

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WEAR) — A Pensacola woman is helping monarch butterflies fulfill their lifecycle.

Krissa White started a butterfly garden in her front yard six years ago. It's a place where caterpillars and butterflies are nurtured throughout their growing cycle.

It's also the source of a lot of debate in her neighborhood.

Krissa White is one of the best friends a monarch butterfly can have. She is a retired teacher with a passion for nature. White says, "We gotta keep them here so we can have a good food source"

Her front yard has butterfly-friendly plants and trees.

"I have been known to bring them in, help them through their life cycle and once their adults and those wings are flapping I let them fly," mentioned White.

She is also on the do not spray list for mosquitoes in the area.

"That prevents the caterpillars and butterflies from dying it's a horrible, horrible sadness. I do feel like neighbors do think I'm the cause and one other person on the do not spray list for the whole a neighborhood to no get sprayed and that's erroneous and I would like that corrected," said White.

White goes out of her way to help the colorful creatures, which have been declining in population throughout the years.

"It's a beautiful neighborhood and I live here and I want my caterpillars and butterflies to be at peace too," White said.

Earlier this month she received a letter of final notice from the Crown Pointe Property Owners Association saying it was against the community covenants to have any other animals bred or raised on a lot except for dogs' cats or other house-hold pets for non-commercial purposes.

White found the letter in her mailbox after returning from visiting her mother.

"I was really saddened when I saw that notice. When I came back I found the first slash final notice that I was going to start getting fines of 25 dollars a day and over 9,000 dollars a year for harboring animals," explained White.

The letter also said raising butterflies is not allowed on the property. According to the letter White could be fined $25 every day.

White says she just wants to give the monarch butterfly population a boost so she helps out as many as she can.

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