El Paso police officer captured dancing at Texas Special Olympics

El Paso police officer Jesus Hernandez dancing at

An El Paso police officer is being recognized for his dance moves.

Police Officer Jesus Hernandez has been praised since video of him dancing with one of the athletes at the Texas Special Olympics went viral.

Hernandez was one many police officers across Texas participating at the Opening Ceremonies in Arlington, Texas on May 26.

Hernandez and a group of local police officers started the “Torch Run” from El Paso on May 21 and headed to Arlington.

Once Hernandez and others arrived UT Arlington in North Texas’ stadium, the celebration began.

“They just start playing music I saw this one kid dancing and I started to dance,” said Hernandez.

Betty Castorena of El Paso captured the dance live on Facebook.

El Pasoans back home watched and began sharing the video showing their support for the El Paso Police Department.

It wasn’t long after the dance that Hernandez began receiving text messages about the viral video.

“People who had seen asked, “Hey, Jesus, is that you?” said Hernandez.

Hernandez was thankful for all the support he got, but he says it’s all about the kids which made everyone smile.

He also added he needs another dance lesson from the kid he danced with.

The two kids featured in the video were not identified, but Pius X Special Needs Group from El Paso also participated in the Texas Summer Games.

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