Caught on camera: Thieves steal purses and tip jar money

Caught on camera: Stealing from the tip jar, purses in Ogden (Photo: KUTV)

OGDEN (KUTV) - Annie Ogemaw said she didn’t think much when a man and woman came into her Cold Stone Creamery Store and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on 25th Street in Ogden on Tuesday where she is the manager.

“He said he’d like to come sit down, his legs were tired he’d had back surgery," Ogemaw said.

Ogemaw went in the back room to do some work and then recounted a shocking chain of events.

“I saw him in the monitor taking the tips out of the tip jar,” she said.

The man went to leave and she followed him.

“I said to him you took the tips out of the tip jar and he goes, ‘I didn’t take anything’ and I said, ‘Does that mean you’re a thief and a liar?’”

Wednesday night at Roosters down the street, server Katelyn Robinson found out her purse went missing. Surveillance captured the moment a man took it off the coat rack and walked out the door, “My purse, my keys were in there, I couldn’t drive my car home it was devastating,” she said.

Robinson said, unfortunately, she had quite a bit of cash in her purse because she had just worked a few days in a row. “It sucks when you’re raised to make your money working for it and then someone has no morals and they come in and take it it’s before the holidays,” she said.

If it’s the same people or not, both Ogemaw and Robison want the same outcome for them, “I really want them to get caught, I mean if not anything for them to get better,” Robinson said. “This is their profession they do this for a living, shame on them, they have no business being out amongst the public at all,” Ogemaw said.

Ogden Police said they do have a person of interest they are talking to in the Roosters' case. No suspects have been named yet.

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