California billboard compares President Trump to Hitler

Photo: KRCR

CHICO, Calif. (KRCR) - Rouse & Revolt Fashion has sponsored a billboard that compares President Trump to Hitler.

The billboard hangs at the corner of Third Avenue and Mangrove Avenue.

Rouse & Revolt released a statement about the billboard, saying "We support equality, we support equal rights, we support a woman's right to her own body, we support DACA, we support universal health care, we support gay people in any place they live. We welcome all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all genders and we not only stand with you, we kneel with you as well."

The clothing store has been receiving heated responses from people who have seen the sign. Some calling it "a disgraceful display" and saying that the business will "feel it financially." One person said he liked the business' Facebook page because of the sign.

Early Thursday morning, the billboard was removed. According to Rouse & Revolt owner, the advertising company decided to remove the billboard.

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