Trump Administration prepared to assist with disaster as storm grows in the Gulf

Hurricane Harvey: The latest from Galveston (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

WASHINGTON – The White House says it is prepared to assist communities that will need help as a powerful hurricane approached the Texas coastline Friday afternoon.

Hurricane Harvey was upgraded to a category 3 storm with winds expected to top over 100 miles an hour, and a possible storm surge to reach close to 10 feet.

Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert put it bluntly: “This is a serious storm.”

With that, he said the highest priority will be the safety of those in the path of Harvey.

Approximately 4.6 million people could be affected

Bossert asserted he had met with President Donald Trump to discuss the plan should Texas or Louisiana need any federal assistance.

He said Trump’s concerns were for life safety and evacuations, having the appropriate resources available, and preparations in both states ahead of landfall.

“You have nothing to lose but your life,” he advised to people on being prepared for the storm.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated the president will plan to visit the area sometime next week.

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