Trayvon Martin death: George Zimmerman medical report reveals injuries

George Zimmerman was released on a $150K bail and hasn't been seen since. (Photo: Seminole County)

ABC News has obtained a medical report detailing numerous injuries suffered by accused killer George Zimmerman during the deadly confrontation with Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Sources confirm Zimmerman’s doctor wrote a private medical report that specified his injuries, including a fractured nose, two black eyes and two cuts on the back of his head.{}It also says the doctor recommended Zimmerman follow-up with an ear, nose and throat specialist, but he did not.

"There's no question these documented injuries help Zimmerman’s case, but the fundamental legal question remains who was the aggressor?" said Dan Abrams, ABC News legal consultant.

This latest twist could play a major role in Zimmerman’s defense, in which he claims Martin attacked him that night and he only shot the unarmed teen because he feared for his own life.

But lawyers for the Martin family told CNN it was Zimmerman that followed Trayvon and attacked him first, which led to Martin defending himself.

“Let's not forget that Trayvon Martin was fighting a man with a 9 millimeter gun. He was in a battle for his life, that tragically he lost,” said Ben Crump, Martin family's attorney.

The ABC affiliate in Orlando reports Martin’s autopsy shows he had knuckle injuries.

Experts say that information could boost Zimmerman’s claim that he was attacked by Martin, unless it’s proven he instigated the fight.

"If George Zimmerman started the altercation and then he's losing the fight and fears for his life,” Abrams said. “He does not have the legal right at that point to use deadly force."

George Zimmerman pleaded not guilty to charges of second degree murder.

He was freed on a $150,000 bail and has not been seen since his bail hearing nearly a month ago.

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