Tennessee dad uses drone to follow 8-year-old daughter to school

Father and daughter watch drone in sky. (Photo: CNN/WVLT)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (ABC/CNN) - Need a new way to keep tabs on your child? A father in Tennessee may have the answer.

Chris Early uses an eye in the sky to watch his young daughter. Early is a techie who owns a video production company in Knoxville.

At 8 years old, it was now time for his daughter Katie to walk to school by herself.

Early used a drone to hover over his daughter to make sure she was safe.

Chris says the drone watching was an experiment, and he won't do it every day.

"I could see on the monitor that a lot of the kids were looking and pointing", Early said. "And I'm sure Katie was just like, 'It's my dad.'"

Believe it or not, Katie said she's cool with her dad checking up on her.

While some say he's being overprotective, Early says it was just for fun. He's just happy knowing she's safe.

It might be a different story when she becomes a teenager.

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