Senate rejects Trump's border emergency as Republicans defect

    Tom Roussey, ABC7

    Twelve Republicans joined every U.S. Senate Democrat Thursday in a vote to overturn President Donald Trump’s declaration of emergency for the U.S. border with Mexico.

    Although the U.S. House of Representatives has also passed a measure overturning the president’s action, he is promising a veto.

    Trump wants to use the declaration of emergency as a means of spending an extra $3.6 billion to build barriers along the border.

    Although as normal the president received opposition from Democrats on the emergency declaration, he also received some opposition from Republicans.

    “This for me is a matter of defending the Constitution and the balance of powers,” Sen. Mitt Romney said.

    “I mean, it does seem to be lawfully permitted. But it sets a precedent that I’m worried about,” said Mark Krikorian with the Center for Immigration Studies, which wants less immigration and often supports the president. “That some future Democratic president is going to say there’s a climate emergency and I’m sending the military to seize all the power plants in the country.”

    The final vote in the U.S. Senate was 59-41. Unless some senators change their minds, there will not be enough votes to overturn the expected veto by the president.

    Democrats gave some of the same reasons for opposing the president’s emergency declaration as the Republicans who joined them.

    “This will be a vote about the very nature of our Constitution, our separation of powers, and how this government functions henceforth,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said.

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