Roger Stone gives an inside look at his arrest

Roger Stone shows chief political correspondent Scott Thuman what he says happened the morning of his arrest by the FBI and the raid of his Fort Lauderdale, Florida home.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- It’s been a wild few days in the Russia investigation, highlighted by the arrest of Roger Stone, the long-time adviser and friend of President Trump who said today he plans to plead not guilty to charges of obstruction, lying to investigators and witness tampering.

Chief political correspondent Scott Thuman was the first reporter to go inside Stone’s home to get details on that raid and get answers from stone.

“They said are you Roger Stone, I said yes, they said step outside, I did, they said put your hands behind your back, I did.”

Stone demonstrated the position of the arresting agents.

“Two FBI agents with assault weapons. One here. One here,” he continued.

Stone: “I said I’d like to know what the charges are and they said we’ll tell you that in the car.”

Thuman: “but you had to have an idea at that point?”

Stone: “i didn’t know what the specific charges were until i was in the car.”

His front door window, now obscured by a massive Richard Nixon poster, not unlike Stone’s gestures outside of court is an homage he says to the embattled president’s resilience.

Thuman: “I know you refute the charges in them, at the same time you’ve admitted there were some errors now when you look back on what you had testified to.”

Stone: “Well, I think again perjury, false statements, requires both intent and materiality. I definitely didn’t remember that I had exculpatory text messages that prove that everything I had told the House committee was true.”

Stone claims while there’s no connection to the president, “He and literally never discussed it.” Stone is accused of lying about interactions while allegedly coordinating between the Trump campaign and Wikileaks, in the release of stolen emails damaging to Hillary Clinton.

Stone insists, the raid, the search, his arrest, will all be for naught.

“And the idea that I was going to destroy anything is illogical, if I were going to destroy something why wouldn’t I have done it two years ago, why would I wait until now? I know that I’ve been under federal investigation.”

Next, Stone faces a judge in DC where he’ll be arraigned and he says, plead not guilty. He is now the 6th associate of President Trump to be charged in the Mueller investigation.

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