Republicans and Democrats have both become more concerned about climate change, study says

    FILE - In this July 10, 2007 file photos, the coal-fired Plant Schereris in operation at Juliette, Ga. (AP Photo/Gene Blythe, File)

    A Yale study published Wednesday reports that overall, Americans have become more concerned about climate change in the past year, with small or no differences between respondents from different parties, races, ages and education levels.

    For instance, 11 percent of respondents to Yale's survey who said they had changed their opinion about global warming in the past year were 65 or older, versus 8 percent of people 25 to 34, and 7 percent of people 35 to 44.

    Overall, 84 percent of people said they had become "more concerned" about global warming, while only 16 percent were less concerned.

    And Republicans and Democrats barely differed in their responses – 90 percent of Democrats said they were "more concerned," and 89 percent of Republicans did. However, a smaller 81 percent of independents said the same, and only 68 percent of people who gave their political affiliation as "other."

    21 percent of people said they had changed their mind about global warming in 2018 because they had "experienced impacts", with another 18 percent saying they changed their mind because they had "heard of [its] impacts."

    You can read the full study here.

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