Report: Omar Mateen and wife texted during Orlando rampage

Photo source: MGN

The Orlando massacre gunman texted his wife during the attack, CNN reported Thursday afternoon.

That information could help a federal grand jury, possibly one seated in West Palm Beach, decide if Omar Mateen's wife, Noor Salman, should be charged as an accomplice.

CNN cited a law enforcement source, who said Mateen texted Salman, about two hours after he began the assault at the Pulse night club.

The source said during the shooting, Mateen texted his wife and asked if she'd seen the news. The source said the couple exchanged, "I love you."

Earlier a law enforcement source told CBS News, Salman allegedly bought ammunition with her husband, and went with him at least once to Pulse and to Disney property.

Salman maintained she tried to stop her husband from committing the massacre, the source told CBS.

Multiple sources indicate a U.S. Attorney is presenting Salman's case to a grand jury. Some sources indicated it's happening in West Palm Beach.

The federal grand jury currently seated in West Palm, met on Thursday.

Grand jury proceedings are secret, so there's no way of knowing if the panel took up Salman's case.

So far, no charges have been filed against Salman.

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