Person trapped under 25 feet of dirt after a trench collapse, recovery underway

Rescue effort has turned into a recovery effort after a person became trapped in a trench collapse in Warren County, Ohio. (Image: WKRC)

MORROW, Ohio (WKRC) - The Warren County Sheriff's Office said a rescue has turned into a recovery effort after a person became trapped in a trench collapse Thursday.

Emergency crews are at the 5500 block of Anne Marie Drive in Morrow. The sheriff's office said they believe a worker became trapped under 25 feet of dirt at a housing construction site.

A grim task is taking place in Warren County. There are efforts to recover the body of a man who was buried alive at a construction site.

A trench collapsed at a housing construction site, trapping the man under 25 feet of dirt.

Skyview 12 captured part of the recovery effort by urban search and rescue teams on Thursday.

They are still working to recover the body of the man who died in a trench collapse at a home construction site.

When rescuers first arrived, they thought there was a chance of pulling the victim out alive, but those hopes quickly vanished

The trench collapse in the Woodlands subdivision in Salem Township happened around noon on Thursday.

A worker was down in a trench when the walls around him collapsed. When rescuers first arrived on the scene, they could still see the victim in the trench, but in a matter of minutes the walls quickly collapsed, burying the worker some 25 feet down in the trench.

The recovery is a slow process.

The victim worked for JK Excavating. The trench was adjacent to a home under construction.

Again, the recovery is expected to take hours.

Some 150 rescuers from around the Tri-State have responded to the scene of the trench collapse, including crews from the Hamilton County Urban Search and Rescue Team.

The site is part of the Woodlands subdivision near the Little Miami River.

The spokesman said recovery will be a slow process that will take hours.

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