DNC builds fence around arena to keep protesters out

Protesters line the perimeter outside of the Democratic National Convention. (Amanda Ota, Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Outside of the walls of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Monday, protesters pressed against the Democratic National Convention's perimeter fences, eager to make their voices heard.

Chants of "hell no, DNC, we won't vote for Hillary" broke out among the crowd holding sings that demonstrated support for Senator Bernie Sanders and criticized the Democratic party and their presumed presidential nominee.

Holding a sign with the word oligarchy crossed out on it, Brady Brassfield stood right in front of the perimeter fence, showing the message to delegates as they filed by on their way to the convention.

"I feel cheated, definitely," Brassfield said when asked about the fence-wall he was standing in front of.

"They don’t want to hear what we want to say or see what we have out here, really," Brassfield said.

While Imran Jemal, of New Jersey, noted the "awesome" energy of the crowds outside, lamented he could not gain access to the convention itself.

"I wish we were inside the building," Jemal said.

"I don't know why they’re keeping us out, trying to keep a distorted perception of what’s going on," Jemal said.

While some shared the frustrations of those witnessing the convention from outside the barriers, they also expressed understanding.

"Although it's frustrating to be separated I also completely understand, I think everybody here more than anything wants peace and they want a peaceful protest," Raeanna Selvy said.

"Personally it doesn't really bother me that much as long as we're still allowed to express ourselves and show support."

"I think this is a pretty incredible example of just the power of the people," Selvy said of the gathering.

"I understand," Kylie Fitzsimmons, who described herself as there for Sanders and the "political revolution" said, when asked about the barrier.

"They need to feel safe whether I agree with them or not," Fitzsimmons explained.

Fitzsimmons noted that some of those walking by were Sanders delegates. Those passerbys often drew cheers from the crowd.

One of Sanders' delegates from Brooklyn stopped to express his encouragement for those on the other side of the fence.

"It's amazing, it's inspiring, but it feels exactly how it has the whole time. People have been extremely motivated for the cause," he said, noting he expected the supporters to come out.

Jennifer Mcraven, who is a plus one for one of the delegates, explained that they are working inside and outside of the convention hall "and we're all never Hilary."

Mcraven said she's heard it was "crazy" inside the Wells Fargo Center, where Sanders delegates are continuing to make their case.

"They're doing the best they can to let them know how we feel and we feel we can never stand behind Hillary, McRaven said.

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