Online fundraisers for both officer and Michael Brown's family surpass $100,000 each

    GoFundMe sites for both Officer Darren Wilson (left) and the family of shooting victim Michael Brown (right) have each raised more than $100,000. (Screenshots)

    FERGUSON, Mo. (WJLA) - An online fundraiser supporting Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on Aug. 9, has raised more than $130,000 since launching just four days ago.

    At the same time, a page collecting donations for Michael Brown's family has raised just over $115,000 in seven days.

    The "Support Darren Wilson" page on was created this past Sunday, Aug. 17 to raise money for the officer and his family for "any financial needs they may have, including legal fees," the page indicates.

    "We stand behind Officer Darren Wilson and his family during this trying time in their lives," the page's main message reads.

    While a number of the more than 3,000 donations are anonymous, many identify themselves and leave messages of support on the site, which was started by an anonymous person in Saint Charles, Missouri.

    "Stay strong! You have more supporters than you probably know!" wrote "Grateful Citizen," who donated $100.

    "There are always two sides to every situation. Officer Wilson deserves to tell his side of the story," wrote another donor.

    "There is no longer self-respect, respect for authority, and a desire to do what is right," a $100 donor wrote. "What person in their right mind thinks it acceptable to rob, beat up a smaller person and challenge a police officer? It's a person raised with no sense of right and wrong."

    General comments by those who do not donate have been disabled, however.

    Wilson is currently on paid administrative leave, and has not been charged with any crime at this time.

    The "Michael Brown Memorial Fund" page on GoFundMe appears to be run by the law firm representing Brown's family, Parks & Crump LLC.

    A message from head attorney Benjamin Crump on the page says the boy's family's "pursuit for justice will be lengthy and hard, but with the support of the community they will get justice."

    The page indicates that all of the funds will be given directly to the family, and will not be used toward legal fees, but for expenses such as "funeral and burial expenses, travel, and living expenses of the parents as they seek justice for their son, Michael Brown, Jr."


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