OHSU doctor speaks about racism she faces from hospital patients

Doctor Esther Choo (KATU photo)

It's been a week since the country witnessed the deadly and horrifying protest in Charlottesville.

In the week since, many people say they were taken aback by the blatant displays of racism, but others say they're not surprised.

One of those people is OHSU physician Esther Choo. Last Sunday, she tweeted about her experience in the emergency department, and how often patients in need refuse treatment from her based on her race.

KATU News asked if she was surprised to be facing this issue in 2017.

"Surprise is probably the wrong word, because I know from my day to day practice that this has never gone away," said Choo. "In some ways it feels like it's getting better over time, but there are certainly ebbs and flows."

Choo said she feels luck to work for OHSU, but not all hospitals have protocol in place to handle racist patients.

Choo hopes the conversation she's started will encourage people in all walks of life to speak out when they face discrimination.

By not sweeping the problem under the rug, Choo hopes more workplaces will deal with racism head-on.

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