Missing woman comes home during television interview, captured on camera

Missing woman comes home during television interview, captured on camera

An elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer's has been found. This after she had been missing since Friday afternoon.

KATV-TV was there for the woman's homecoming, but it came as a complete surprise.

Before Dorothy Melton's homecoming, KATV was interviewing her three children, Buck, Kim, and Kristi. They were desperate to find Dorothy and feared for her life.

"I'm real concerned because she's done this in the past and we found her really close, but this time we haven't found her easily," Buck Melton said.

"She usually goes to Fred's; that's where she likes to go. That's the first place we looked, but she wasn't there this time," Kim Eddy added.

3:00 p.m. Thursday was the last time Dorothy had been seen or heard from.

But 24 hours later, a glimmer of hope came in the form of a phone call, which interrupted the interview.

A police officer told Kristi Scalfaro that he had her mother in the back of his cruiser, and was on the way to the house.

And the moment the Melton children had been holding their breath for: Dorothy stepped out of the cruiser, a smile on her face, as Kristi embraced her.

24 hours later from Dorothy's disappearance, her three children all breathing a sigh of relief to what could've been a much worse ending, that turned into a happy reunion with the ones who love her most.

"It feels so good to know that she's safe here at home like she ought to be, and I know that she was scared, and I know that she was really tired. I know she didn't know where she was because it was a long way from home," Kristi added.

Dorothy's 2007 gold-colored Chevy HHR is still missing. She was found wandering near Cantrell and Reservoir, which may be where her car still is. Anyone with information is asked to call the Pulaski County Sheriff.

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