Trump blasts 'horrible woman' who accused him of sexual assault

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the South Florida Fairgrounds and Convention Center, Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016, in West Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Donald Trump is criticizing the appearance of a woman who accused him of sexual assault.

Trump, in denying the accusations again, said if "you looked at the horrible woman" who made the latest accusation, "you'd say 'I don't think so.'"

It was not immediately clear which of the women Trump was denigrating at the rally Friday in Greensboro, North Carolina. Several have accused him of groping and unwanted kisses.

The Republican presidential nominee said "phony accusers" were making accusations against him "for a little fame."

Trump said he "has no idea who these women are" and said that his supporters would believe him "because you people know me for a lot of years."

Trump also warned President Barack Obama that women could wrongly accuse him of sexual assault, as he claims has happened to him.

Trump said those women "could say it about anybody."

And he says the president of the United States "better be careful" because women could say the same thing about him.

Trump again accused a "sick media" of trying to take down his presidential campaign in cahoots with rival Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Trump targeted Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who owns a share of The New York Times.

Trump declared that "we can't let" Slim influence the election.

Trump has threatened to sue the Times for a story that featured two women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

Trump is accusing the media of fabricating stories about a slew of women who have made similar accusations in recent days. Trump says the stories are lies.

He said, "our media is indeed sick and it's making our country sick. And we're going to stop it."

He also claimed that "this whole election is being rigged."

Trump repeated his incendiary claim that the November election was not being conducted honestly. That's an unprecedented assertion that challenges America's tradition of peaceful democracy.

The Republican nominee said "the process is rigged" and declared that "the whole thing is one big fix."

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