In tribute: 'Team 26' rides from Conn. to D.C. to honor Sandy Hook victims

(WJLA) - One day after the father of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza broke his silence, saying he wished his son had never been born, 26 cyclists are riding on a 400-mile mission to honor the victims of that terrible tragedy.

ABC7 caught up with "Team 26," as they call themselves -- one bike for each life lost in the shooting -- as they took a pitstop Tuesday in College Park.

The cyclists are not asking for any money or contributions, but merely wish to pay tribute to the victims.

"This is not a fundraiser," said organizer Monte Frank. "It's to raise awareness."

The trek on wheels started in that small Connecticut town, and their tires will finally come to rest on the steps to the U.S. Capitol, in support of what they call "common-sense legislation" to reduce gun violence.

The determined group of travelers are calling for everything from requiring extensive criminal background checks, to a ban of military-style assault weapons.

For some of them, the Sandy Hook shooting hit a little too close to home.

"My mom is an elementary school teacher in the town next door [to Sandy Hook] -- so this is personal for me," said cyclist Brian Suto.

It's especially personal for Omar Samaha, who lost his sister in the mass shooting at Virginia Tech.

"As I ride, I remember the sister...across the country," Samaha said.

Team 26 is made up of two women and 24 men, and also has two high-school cyclists traveling with them as well.

They are riding about 100 miles per day, for four days.



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