Hanukkah 2013: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah fall on rare same day

    (WJLA) - The convergence of Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah is something that happens incredibly rarely, and this Thursday will be a once in a many-lifetime event.

    Nov. 28 will be the first time - almost ever - that the two holidays will share the same date on the calendar, and according to LiveScience, it won't happen again about 70,000 years, and it hasn't happened since the late 19th century.

    No one knows exactly how long, because the calendars aren't going up that high," Rabbi Jason Miller told LiveScience.

    The overlap this year is because according to the Jewish calendar, this is a leap year, meaning that an entire extra month is added to the calendar. Because of that, most major Jewish holidays moved up by nearly a month.

    Couple that with the extremely late date of Thanksgiving in 2013, and you've got a convergence of holidays that comes once in many, many generations.

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