Former Obama Border Chief says 'It's simple: the wall works'

Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group

WASHINGTON - Beyond the protests, the politics and the posturing, the former head of the U.S. Border Patrol says one point has been overshadowed.

“The president is right. The wall works."

Mark Morgan served as Border Patrol Chief under President Obama and was actually removed by the Trump Administration, but after nearly two years of staying silent, is speaking out.

"My position is not coming from political ideology. It’s coming from 30 years of governmental service," Morgan said.

That service includes years trying to tackle the problem of drug cartels who he says are constantly battling each other for control and ways to illegally cross the border.

"They gain control of the drug smuggling routes, the trafficking routes and the illegal smuggling routes in between the ports of entry which is where we need the wall," Morgan said in an interview this week.

He points to Yuma County, Arizona where in 2005 nearly 140,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended trying to cross but after building 23 miles of wall and adding 600 new agents that number fell drastically and remains under 15,000 today.

On Capitol Hill, many democrats have been pushing for other border security measures, like agents and new technology - most still refusing to allocate any taxpayer money for a wall.

“We want to do more to work on making sure that cargo shipments are secure,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin, D, Maryland.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D, Ohio, said the focus should also be on “technology and helicopters and ICE agents.”

Even many current law enforcement current agents have pointed out most of the drugs come through points of entry and underground

“This is a tunnel this is the second tunnel that we have located. This is an area where we actually have wall.”

While many agree a comprehensive strategy is needed, the sticking point remains the wall.

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