Florida sheriff: School officer ‘did what he had to do’ slamming student

    Police sirens (Credit: MGN.).

    WASHINGTON (CIRCA) – A Florida sheriff says a school resource officer “did what he had to do” to recently defuse a situation involving an unruly female high school student.

    Videos of Tuesday’s incident shared on social media show the officer throwing a Sunlake High School teenager to the ground after she repeatedly defied him.

    “If teenagers and children in schools believe that they have more authority than teachers, the principal, administrators and the school resource officers, we’re in a lot more trouble than we think we are,” Sheriff Chris Nocco of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday, according to Fox News.

    “He did what he had to do to defuse the situation,” he added of Cpl. Richard Stackon, also from the Pasco County Sheriff’s office.

    Nocco was releasing footage of the incident Wednesday captured on Stackon’s body camera the day before.

    Nocco said Stackon was called to the school’s cafeteria Tuesday to respond to reports that a student was disrupting others after skipping class.

    Stackon is seen approaching the student in the roughly 8-minute footage, initially asking her what the situation is.

    “Well, I just heard that I’m going to be handcuffed,” she replied. “I am just sitting here.”

    Stackon then repeatedly asks the teenager to speak with him outside, only for her to refuse each time.

    “Now you are testing me,” he said. “Come on outside and talk to me and I won’t have to lay a hand on you.”

    The teenager, who had been sitting, stands and then raises her arm while yelling, at which point Stackon swings her onto the ground.


    “Don’t f-----g give me your sh-t,” Stackon says. “The h—l is going on with you guys? Is this what I have to do every f----g day now?”

    Stackon was removed from Sunlake Wednesday pending a probe by the sheriff’s department, but is expected to return soon.

    The student faces charges of campus disruption, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest, and her age was not released.

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