Florida man arrested after beating 7-month-old baby to death, police say

    Photo: Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

    WASHINGTON (CIRCA) — Artem Eydelman has been charged with first-degree murder after admitting to police that he beat his child to death.

    Police tell Fox 13 News they were called to a home in Largo, Florida, to check out a child who was unresponsive. The child was transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital and had life-threatening injuries. Before being taken to doctors, paramedics on the scene attempted to revive the baby, whose name was Gwendolyn Eydelman.

    Her father was taking care of Gwendolyn as the baby's mother was at work. He told police the baby was unconscious shortly after he woke up from taking a nap. Later on though, according to police, Eydelman admitted to punching Gwendolyn in the head with a closed fist while he was changing her diaper. He also said he squeezed and shook the baby out of frustration. He immediately told a family member that his baby was unconscious and also called 911.

    For more details on the charges Eydelman faces and the baby's injuries, visit Circa's story.

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