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Dad goes viral for anti-CRT speech: 'I am not oppressed'

Derrick Wilburn joined The National Desk Monday morning. (SBG)
Derrick Wilburn joined The National Desk Monday morning. (SBG)
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WASHINGTON (SBG) - A dad’s speech in Colorado Springs is going viral after he spoke out against Critical Race Theory at a school board meeting.

“I am the direct descendent of the North American slave trade,” said Derrick Wilburn at a school board meeting last week. “I am not oppressed. And I am not a victim.”

Wilburn, who lives in a neighboring school district, said at the meeting that “putting critical race theory into our classrooms is taking our nation in the wrong direction.”

Wilburn joined Jan Jeffcoat on The National Desk to discuss his opposition to the controversial curriculum topic.

“With so much home learning going on I think more and more parents are able to focus in on what's really coming across their student's desk, what's really in their kid's hands, and I decided to start getting involved,” said Wilburn.

At the meeting, Wilburn said that the American education system is keeping racism “on life support.”

“I have taught my children they're victims — they're victims of three things: their own ignorance, their own laziness, and their own poor decision making,” said Wilburn. “How does it benefit a society to tell anybody that they are oppressed or oppressors, let alone children?”

When it comes to curriculum, Wilburn says he’s not against teaching “the truth about history.”

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"There's the truth about slavery and racism, because also the truth that we ended slavery,” said Wilburn. “We had two consecutive Black secretaries of state, we had two consecutive Black attorneys general, we have Black billionaires, Black mayors. Where this oppression is coming from I'm not sure, but personally, I live inside of my skin and I don't walk around in an oppressed country.”

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