Cyber Monday on track to break records for online shopping

Cyber Monday on track to break records for online shopping. (Photo: ABC7)

It's on track to be the biggest online shopping day in United States history. 75 million people are expected to go online shopping for 'Cyber Monday.'

You've probably already been on your laptop or your cell phone shopping and taking advantage of those great deals.

"As the population becomes more comfortable with online shopping, they're using not only their work stations to shop, but also using their mobile phones," said Jay Thomas, President of Brand Marketing and Customer Experience Group at DMI. "So you're finding people, as companies build better products for using mobile phones, that people are actually doing their shopping on the phones."

As companies are learning to reel in their audiences through various social media channels, this year's Cyber Monday overall sales should be up 50 percent from last year (2017).

For more information on holiday shopping and the customer experience, check out DMI's 'Cyber Monday and the Future of Commerce' eBook on their website.

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