Coast Guard officer studied manifesto by Norwegian extremist who murdered 77

    Lt. Christopher Hasson, left, (ABC News) and Anders Breivik (Lise Aserud/Scanpix Norway/AP)

    After Lt. Christopher Hasson was arrested at Coast Guard headquarters last week, court documents released Wednesday show chilling similarities between plans investigators say he was making and those of known mass murderers.

    Hasson, an avowed white supremacist, followed a number of extremists, most notably Anders Breivik, the far-right Norwegian domestic terrorist who murdered 77 people, mainly teenagers in 2011.

    In many instances, it appears Hasson was using Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto as a blueprint to help design his plan to kill as many people as possible.

    Breivik wrote, "Targets should be influential media personalities including politicians and journalists...who do not have armed body guards."

    Court documents show that Hasson conducted internet searches for "most liberal senators," "where do most senators live in dc," "do senators have secret service protection," and "are supreme court justices protected."

    Read the court documents here: Coast Guard officer arrested, was planning 'to kill almost every last person on earth'

    After that, Hasson drew up what prosecutors believe was a hit list, including congressional Democratic leaders and national TV news anchors.

    Breivik also promoted the use of drugs and steroids to transform yourself into what he called a "one-man unstoppable army" to "ensure optimal chances of success in the operation."

    Investigators uncovered a locked container with more than 30 vials of that they believe is human growth hormone, and evidence Hasson ordered 4,200 pills of the narcotic Tramadol, likely for personal use, since 2016.

    Investigators say Hasson made purchases from a website called “alternative lifestyle” to buy "golden flask synthetic urine" and "the clean kit" to avoid positive urine tests he'd be subject to in the military.

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