Police: Baltimore Det. Suiter was shot with own gun, set to testify in corruption case

Police: Baltimore Det. Suiter was shot with own gun, set to testify in corruption case

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Det. Sean Suiter was shot with his own gun and was supposed to provide testimony in a federal police racketeering case the day after he was killed in west Baltimore, said Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Kevin Davis in a press conference Wednesday.

Davis rejected any conspiracy theories about the case, acknowledging that Suiter's pending testimony the day after his murder "certainly makes for great theory."

"We know he was shot and killed with his own gun," said Davis about Suiter, noting there is evidence of a struggle that "appears to be visible on Det. Suiter's clothing."

"We will continue to follow the evidence in this very important case," he said.

"The fact that we have not yet made an arrest creates an environment for rumors to flourish."

Davis said the evidence refutes the idea that Suiter "was anything other than a stellar officer" and his partner was, too.

Suiter's partner sought cover across the street and called 911. Davis said the incident was captured on private surveillance video that police recovered.

There is also "evidence of a struggle between Det. Suiter and his killer," said Davis.

Suiter had his radio in his left hand and police have body-worn camera footage, he said.

Davis admitted that the description of the suspect remains "very vague." The description remains unchanged from that of a black male wearing a black jacket with a white stripe.

Funeral services for Det. Suiter have been set for Nov. 29.

A gofundme page has been set up by the family, you can donate here.

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