3 boys buy flowers for every girl at their middle school for Valentine's Day

    Boys buy flowers for every girl at their middle school for Valentine's Day. (Photo: Summit Trail Middle School)

    Three boys at a Kansas middle school bought flowers to give to every girl at their school for Valentine's Day.

    Sixth-grader Lincoln Holmes, seventh-grader Kyan Rice and eighth-grader Tristan Valentine saved up their money to purchase hundreds of carnations for every girl and female staff member at Summit Trail Middle School, according to USA Today.

    The boys arrived at the school early Thursday morning with buckets of flowers, standing at the school's entrance to hand out the carnations as students and staff entered the doors.

    “We wanted every girl to feel important and special on Valentine’s Day,” Tristan told ABC affiliate, KMBC. “We worked hard to make sure it was going to be a surprise to everybody. I only told a few friends, and the girls seemed surprised and happy.”

    In total,the boys gave away flowers to 270 girls and 70 female staff members. Dr. Sarah Guerrero, the school's principal, posted photos of the students' sweet act on Twitter, and expressed support for their kind gesture.

    "I’m proud of the boys but it’s parents like ours that instill these values in them," she wrote in the tweet. "They deserve all this recognition and more!"

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